About Vishaka Devi Jokiel

Vishaka Devi Jokiel
Vishaka Devi Jokiel

Life Experience
My own challenges forced me to look for solutions. Some spiritual in nature.

My Wellness Counseling practice comes from my own challenging life experiences. The healing work I have done to overcome my own hardships enhances my ability to counsel people from a place of authenticity. I have variety of personal and professional strengths that I pull from in order to help my clients.

Calling upon compassionate nature as well as my professional skill set, I am able to be present to the most painful and compelling emotional issues that arise in session.

Education and Work Experience
Masters Degree in Social Work, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

Professional Certification
Wellness Counseling Career Training & Certification Program – Hawaii Wellness Institute

My professional experience includes working in hospitals, clinics and community settings. I have worked with trauma survivors and people facing major life and death challenges such as Mental Illness, Sexual Disorders, HIV/Aids, End Stage Cancers, Organ Failure, and Alzheimer’s Disease.  I have sat with dying people and assisted them in planning their end-of-life affairs as a hospice social worker while also counseling and supporting their grieving families. I have worked with people facing homelessness, suicidality, end-stage alcoholism and drug addiction. I have worked with large and small groups facilitating education on death,dying and grief support seminars. I have assisted in the planning, implementation and facilitation of large professional conferences. I have presented at large public conferences focusing on healing, death, dying, grieving and forgiveness. My most rewarding professional work  has been in facilitating trauma survivors healing by  supporting them to find the inner strength to overcome their life struggles.