Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellness Counseling?
Wellness-counseling is humanistic psychotherapy. This is a solution-oriented, strengths-based way of solving problems.

How is Wellness Counseling different from traditional therapy?
Wellness Counseling sessions include concepts from humanistic psychology and from a uniquely crafted Wellness Model that emphasizes release from self-defeating patterns rather than focusing on why you got into those patterns in the first place.

How long does Wellness Counseling take?
Sessions are approx 60 to 75-minutes long. 3 sessions are recommended to see if this form of counseling is the best fit for you.

 How much does it cost?
I charge a sliding scale fee of $100 to $150

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa.

 What will happen during the session?
During your session, we will focus on how you can release yourself from self-defeating patterns that you have thus far not been able to release.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for this Wellness Counseling session?
Yes, you can use your medical insurance. I accept health most health insurance plans including:  (HMSA PPO HMO AKAMAI, HMAA, TRICARE, UNITED HEALTH CARE COMMUNITY PLAN, QUEST,  DESERT MUTUAL &  ALOHA CARE).